"CWP offers a no-cost and no-pressure way to learn about relevant topics without a large time commitment. The opportunity to network with other practitioners is invaluable."

M.M., Global HR Services, Agilent

“I joined the CWP Association to keep up to speed in the industry and learn how other companies are reacting to changes in health care reform, contingent labor and taxes. It keeps my finger on the pulse.”

V.B., Kaiser Permanente

“CW Professionals has it all - Share your experiences, expand your knowledge, cultivate best practices, and keep informed on the hottest topics in the CW marketplace.” 

J.U., Global Process Owner, Oracle


One of the joys of membership with CWP is the interaction and participation available for all members.  The benefits of participating are endless. 

CWP holds a variety of in-person and virtual events.  We are always looking for thought leaders and experts to share their knowledge and experiences for others to learn and leverage.  If you have completed a project that you think would be of interest to other leaders such as yourself then it’s time to get the word out and share your experience.  CWP members are always interested in real world case studies from their colleagues.  Not only is this a great platform for you to share your best practices, but it also helps give you great exposure amongst your peers.

It is a simple process of submitting your idea to the steering committee and working with our team on logistics.  Your submission will consist of an abstract of the topic you would like to present.  We can help you build the presentation and promote the topic to gain a wider audience.  Now you are e-published and that looks pretty good for career growth too.

It’s time to participate and become a member of CW Professionals.  If you are interested in writing about your experiences please visit our Contribute page to learn more.

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