"CWP offers a no-cost and no-pressure way to learn about relevant topics without a large time commitment. The opportunity to network with other practitioners is invaluable."

M.M., Global HR Services, Agilent

“I joined the CWP Association to keep up to speed in the industry and learn how other companies are reacting to changes in health care reform, contingent labor and taxes. It keeps my finger on the pulse.”

V.B., Kaiser Permanente

“CW Professionals has it all - Share your experiences, expand your knowledge, cultivate best practices, and keep informed on the hottest topics in the CW marketplace.” 

J.U., Global Process Owner, Oracle


CWP holds regular events that include Director level panel discussions, knowledge sharing webinars, and thought leader events. With the majority of our events we host the presentations or recordings in our library for you to leverage at your convenience. Whether you attended and wanted to go back and reconnect with pertinent information or you were not able to attend, this is a great resource to have.

In addition to our recent recordings and presentations we often post hot topic and industry related whitepapers and articles that are useful to your field.  How to build rate cards, evaluate suppliers, manage risk, develop a program architecture for vendor management, structure a relationship with an Managed Services Provider or roll-out a global Contingent Workforce Management Program.  Some of these resources are authored or co-authored by your peers in the discipline or by experts in the industry.   Gain access to these valuable resources today and become a member of the Contingent Workforce Professional Association.   To see what events are coming in your area, check out our events page. Vendors and Consultants are welcome to apply but please understand you won’t be considered for general membership and access but you may be considered as a potential speaker or moderator for one of our events. 

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