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Why Freelancing is Here to Stay

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Freelancing is here to stay.

As companies have continued to realize the benefits of contingent staff, such as on-demand labor and cost savings, they have increasingly turned to temporary and freelance workers to fill staffing needs. This trend has been often reported on in the media, and shows no signs of slowing down. An article from Business2Community talks about how the contingent workforce trend is shaping the workforce today. 

Contingent jobs have seen growth for many reasons. Freelance and temporary gigs represent an opportunity for employees and companies alike. If a company has a gap in workflow that needs to be filled, calling on a temp or freelance worker is an easy and cost-effective way to meet this need. This can work for both short and longer term projects. From the point of view of the employee, he or she gains an opportunity to try out a company or a new role, and build their resume. For some, this may lead to a full-time job down the road. 

But what both businesses and employees really benefit from in this type of situation is flexibility. Businesses are able to fill needs while workers gain skills and open their options. Some make a career out of doing freelance and flexible work. However, it is worth noting for those who are looking to start freelancing that not all industries are good targets for this sort of work. Although there are many companies out there looking for freelancers, those actively seeking freelance roles will have the most luck looking in industries like computer and IT, web development, graphic design, entertainment, writing and consulting, among others. 

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