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Use of Contingent Workforce Setting Records

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The use of the contingent workforce continues to increase as businesses realize the benefits of a temp approach to staffing. In fact, I recently read an article from Staffing Industry Analysts that reviews a new study that found temporary staffing is reaching record levels.

The numbers released by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics show that June's temporary penetration rate has reached 2.07 percent, the seventh straight month of record-breaking rates. Prior to December 2013, the previous high was 2.01, set in April 2000.

According to Bryan Pena, Staffing Industry Analysts' Vice President of Contingent Workforce Strategies and Research, the domain is growing and the role that temporary workers play in business strategy will only become more important. He added that many companies are using temps because they are reluctant to hire full-time employees while the economy is still recovering. The shift is being fueled from both sides: Companies are increasingly interested in the use of temporary workers, and employees are more comfortable with being part of the contingent workforce.

Staffing Industry Analysts covered an additional survey of executives at larger U.S. companies, who reported that on average, 18 percent of their workforce is contingent. By 2016, that number is projected to rise to 20 percent. Jon Osborne, the Vice President of Strategic Research at Staffing Industry Analysts, tells us that  "The world of employment is changing — radically and rapidly." It is important to understand the trend favoring a contingent workforce in order to leverage it to your advantage.

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