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The Path Ahead: A Center of Innovation

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Whether an enterprise is just beginning its foray into the world of contingent workforce management (CWM) or has had a mature program in place for years, there’s no question that technology plays an integral role in the present and future of the non-employee workforce. In today’s fast-paced, “on-demand talent” business world, automation and third-party solutions/services to supplement and enhance greater CWM programs is a required attribute to drive visibility, maintain talent quality, and ultimately drive real value from independent workers. Every business, regardless of its standing in CWM maturity, must understand the impact of innovation on its engagement and management of non-employee workers: • The “network effect” on talent engagement. Today’s commerce-focused world depends on the interconnectivity of businesses, networks, trading partners, etc. The realm of non-employee workers is linked deeply to this concept, as more and more organizations have the ability to, in real-time, find/source/engage top-tier and best-aligned talent. • New integrations. The most interesting aspect of today’s non-employee workforce? It “touches” nearly every unit within the average business. From IT to finance to legal to administration to marketing, nearly all of the modern functions within today’s companies leverage independent talent…necessitating the integration of many enterprise systems, including spend management, RPO, VMS, ERP, etc. New integrations between these systems are not only innovative, but can help businesses reach a superior level of visibility, understanding, and control. • “Functional innovation.” Innovation doesn’t just relate to technology or automation; it can be applicable to the processes, capabilities, and strategies behind any contingent workforce management program. Innovation in a functional manner involves the cross-coordination between groups such as procurement and human resources, helping to cultivate an environment in which all talent, regardless of its source, is managed in a controlled, visible, and compliant manner.

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