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Companies, Employees Benefit From Temporary Work Arrangements

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As the economy continues to pick up steam, many companies are using contingent workers to bolster their employment ranks. I recently read an article from the Dallas Morning News that discusses how the Texan city has seen an explosion in temporary work. 

From July 2013 to July 2014, 24,000 Dallas jobs were created by the staffing industry, more than three times level of national levels for this sector. After the impact of the recession, employers now want to have more flexibility of their workforce, the ability to hire workers as they need them and at a faster speed than full-time hires. Author Mitchell Schnurman points out that historically, "a buildup in temp staffing served as a prelude to growth in the broader job market. As employers grow more confident, they convert more temps to permanent staff and make more hires." So, the buildup of the contingent workforce is a great omen for the job market generally.

Dallas is not the only area that is experiencing a boom in temporary staffing. Research firm Staffing Industry Analysts reported that 18 percent of the workforce at large companies were contingent workers in 2013, up from 12 percent in 2009. As this workforce continues to grow, professionals with knowledge of contingent workforce management best practices will play a role helping companies incorporate these valued employees into their operations. 

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